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Bowe Spreading offers a thorough scope of manure spreaders across the whole range of necessities and value focuses. All Mercedes trucks are running Ag Leader GPS systems that offers proof of placement. Enquire today!

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    About Us

    Bowe Spreading Ltd.

    The company is a family-owned business, originally started by the late John Bowe as a single operator with Steve entering into a partnership in 1989, and, with the business continuing to grow, son and brother Grant completing the partnership four years later.

    The brothers bought the business outright from John about sixteen years ago and have continued to benefit from its client’s on-going loyalty. Both partners have 30 years each of experience in driving fert trucks. We are very fortunate to have with us on the team is Bart Hogan who has been working with us for 12 years. To show their appreciation to valued customers Bowe Spreading hold an annual Christmas gathering at the workshop supplying beer wine and food for farmers to mix and mingle. This tradition has occurred for the last 20 years.

    Accurate Spreading

    Soil Testing
    & Technology

    The cost of fertiliser and the fact that farmers were carrying out more soil testing, required greater precision in its application, with specific minerals being more accurately targeted to meet the specific needs of soil and livestock. “It’s a lot better now that things are a little bit more technical.’’ While technology has made a difference over the years, one thing has and likely always will, stay the same. “If there’s rain on the way, after 7 o’clock the phone will start ringing.’’

    Ground Spreading

    We are a local ground spreading business, working across Waikato for over 20 years. We are dedicated to serve the individual needs of farmers and growers. Our latest technology and equipment provides a wide range of innovative solutions to increase the growth of crops and pasture production.

    Lime & Fertilizer

    Bowe Spreading offers Lime and Fertilizing services. Our mini spreaders and trucks are suitable to carry any small or heavy loads. We have purpose built equipment to suit all the different requirements in Waikato region and near by areas. Please contact one of our staff member to discuss your requirements.

    Organic Farming Manure

    We have washdown and sanitation protocol to ensure we meet the organic standard required. Please give us a call or fill out the below form to enquire more.

    Our Equipment – Fully Purpose

    Computerized & GPS Monitored

    The company has favoured hoppers manufactured by Ace Engineering, Hawera, for the past twenty years. “We think it’s the better product than elsewhere. All of our hoppers are Ace hoppers. They are all running a [John Whitehead Electrical Ltd] computer in them which controls the hopper. All the hydraulics are done by Windust Hydraulics in Hamilton,’’ Steve Bowe says. All Mercedes trucks are running Ag Leader GPS systems that offers proof of placement and can apply variable rates. It just makes it a lot more accurate in the paddock. With your computer system you can dial in the belt widths. The GPS will automatically pick that up – you basically just follow the GPS.’’

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    Please send us a message by filling the details and one of our staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

    If your enquiry is urgent, please contact

    Steve – 027 487 8981
    Grant – 027 220 2010
    Bart Horgan – 027 444 8178